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Even IKEA can fail

In 1974, Swedish giant IKEA decided to enter Japanese market with a local partner. It failed to win Japanese consumers' heart and withdrew in 1986. But their second attempt in 2006 is a success story. 

Let's see why.

Story of Failure

One of the most characteristic features of IKEA is "Assemble Yourself" philosophy which reduces costs and results in low prices. Even their marketing statement is:

“Your partner in better living. We do our part, you do yours. Together we save money.” 

Another characteristic feature of IKEA is its standardized product range which changes only 10% in different countries, in other words 90% of its product range is almost the same all over the world.
When they entered to Japanese market in 1974, they have only been in 4 other European countries yet. This was their first attempt outside Europe and although they lacked experience, they were quite sure that IKEA's unique philosophy would work well everywhere. They didn't think that any deep c…

Get 25% discount if you live on 1st floor !!

Are you a department manager? Do you wear glasses? Are you a middle school second class student? Do you live on first floor? Are you single? Do you have a good heart? Is your last name Maeda?

If you answer "yes"to one of these questions, then go to Dominos Coupon Festival  Page ( , tweet your type (or enter status on Facebook) and get 25% discount special for you!!!

Currently, most popular discount types are "Wearing glasses" and "Living on first floor" !

A very entertaining and simple campaign mechanism from Dominos Pizza Japan. It is very well integrated to social media which you can follow instantly.

What I really liked about the campaign:

1. Customized offer attracts attention: If you live on 1st floor or if you are single, it just attracts you.

2. Create Buzz: Many news sites and people talk about the campaign although it is just a discount campaign after all.

3. Social Media - Offline Integration: Consumers announce their Domin…

Future by Toyota

This must be future; integrating social media, instant information flow, customized product and fun.

A great futuristic video presented in Tokyo Motor Show 2011.