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When is it the "future"?

Here is a Sony TV commercial from 1988. Mr. Choromatsu, the meditating monkey, brought Sony the best commercial award in 1988. The narrator asks, "On which point does it become "future?". When do you think?

With all my respect to old Sony Walkman and Mr.Choromatsu, who passed away in 2007.

Fireworks and Japanese companies - Events and Brands (2/2)

One of the best ambiances in Japan are the Firework festivals (hanabi) held in summer. Every year, people wear yukatas (kimono-like, light, traditional costumes), gather with friends and watch amazing fireworks while drinking.

Biggest firework festival, Sumida River Firework Festival in Tokyo with 20.000 fireworks attracts thousands of tourists and millions of people to the riverside to watch this great event. And as you might expect, there is a huge economy behind this event. The total expenditure is about 200 million JPY ( 2.6 million dollars) for 2 hours of firework show. This cost is sponsored by local ward offices, TV station and private corporations. Many Japanese firms are willing to sponsor this huge festival to be attached with this highly emotional, attractive and charming experience.

There are also many local hanabi festivals sponsored by local firms. For every firework a company's name is announced  during the show so that they can increase their awareness in the neighbo…