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Events and Brands (1/2)

There are too many ads around and consumers find very effective ways of escaping from them. People feel bombarded with ads. Hence, conventional ways of advertising is much more difficult compared to past. 

Therefore, many companies are trying to get into consumers' mind by using non-commercial or subliminal ways. They aim to increase "preference" and "attachment" secretly by being involved in stuff people like or feel attached. Some of the best examples of these are "Coca-Cola and Happiness" or "Heineken and Football". Social responsibility campaigns, festivals, scholarships and all non-commercial ways have been gaining more and more share in advertisement budgets of companies. One one hand, you might argue that it is not sincere. But on the other hand, many companies are doing good things for the society by getting involved in these organizations. Better than nothing.

One of these non-commercial ways is music events. Many companies are trying…