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All girls are cute but husky in this new town!

What would you do if you move to a new town and all the girls are very pretty but have manly voices?

If you want to make people watch your commercial, it should catch their attention until the last moment. I always loved such commercials which you want to see until the end and which has a very surprising end. The best advertisement is the one which makes you share it with your friends and talk about it!

The work below by Dentsu Tokyo won Asia Pacific Advertisement Festival Grand Prix Award in 2005 and Cannes Silver Lion in 2006.

Don't read my comments (I mean, if you are going to :) ) unless you watch the ad.

This commercial is called as "Husky Girls Ajinomoto Stadium"  and it was published in 2004. The purpose was  to attract women to the games of TOKYO FC who plays in Ajinomoto Stadium.

In Japan, baseball is much more popular than football but since World Cup 2002 football is becoming more and more popular as well. Tokyo FC is one of the biggest clubs in the country and the…

Big in Japan!

This time the successful outdoor media usage comes from Swedish TV Show "Stor i Japan" (Big in Japan) broadcasted on TV6 in Sweden.

They built a billboard with Japanese "fan girls" screaming and taking photos whenever you stand in front of the billboard. An advertisement you can't ignore.

Most of the time we don't even notice outdoor ads unless they are "huge" or interactive. I believe that the future lies in interactive (and digital, probably) advertisement where the consumer is a part of the game. "Augmented reality" or "holographic screens" are just initial examples of these.

By the way, the work below belongs to Le Bureau, Stockholm, Sweden.