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Inspiring Twitter Campaign from Nike Japan

Nike had launched a global "Write the future" campaign before World Cup 2010 and published a fantastic movie starring Rooney. And they won Grand Prix award in Cannes Lions 2011.

As a part of "Write the future" campaign, Nike Japan started a campaign and asked people to tweet their support messages for Japanese National Team for FIFA World Cup 2010. Best messages were carved on a life-size statue of Tulio Tanaka, one of the most popular players of Japan, and it was placed in front of Nike store at Harajuku, Tokyo. There were cameras capturing when a winning message was carved on the statue.

Tulio says:

"I am Japanese.
Everything starts now.
The world will take notice and doubt will be erased.
I am a defender that will attack in a split second.
Prayers will be answered.
One moment will last for eternity.
One game.
One play.
And everything will change.
Marcus Tulio Tanaka
Write the future."

And here is the award-winning Nike commercial if you 
haven't seen ye…

Your Favorite Anime Character Shaves with Schick. What About You?

Anime, Japanese art of animation, is spreading all around the world and becoming very popular recently.
As you might expect, anime and manga are very popular in Japan, as well. It is very common to see  a Japanese businessmen wearing a suit and reading manga in the train. And there is a huge literature of Manga and Anime, for every taste.

Schick Japan have used characters of "One Piece", a very popular Japanese anime, for their new shaver campaign. You can have different "One Piece" promotion materials as well as a "One Piece" Shaver Stand:

Many Japanese promotional campaigns love to stress that the campaign is "limited" (gentei seihin), which is very effective in Japan. Japanese consumers love to rush to products. For instance, you can see girls lined up in front of a Louis Vitton shop for a special product.

There are QR code stickers on products and if you read them with a smartphone tag reader (everyone in Japan has one as default) , enter your d…

Sapporo: Legendary Japanese Beer in Canada!

Sapporo is one of the most popular beer brands in Japan and it is brewed in Canada. In order to increase awareness in Canadian market, Sapporo started a campaign "Legendary Biru" with the following commercial and the game.

Main idea of the campaign was to introduce the brewing process behind Sapporo. But the details about the Japanese culture in the video is amazing and it is a very successful example of connecting two concepts to each other : Japanese culture - Japanese Beer. Canadians would probably never forget Sapporo's heritage after watching this commercial in which the brewing process is told as a visual show.

Glen Hunt, creative catalyst at ad agency Dentsu Canada, says that “We wanted something distinctly Sapporo and wanted to go through the heritage and the brewing process and combine the Japanese flavour but take it beyond sushi and make it mainstream” . And they definitely did.

The game is about finding a sage on the island. You look for scrolls in the screen wh…

Death strikes unexpectedly: Great viral for a movie

"Death strikes unexpectedly".

This was the message of the movie "Tsubakiyama kacho no nanokakan - seven days of chief tsubakiyama".

And see how they delivered this message through a viral movie:

Choose Your Target Group: St.Valentine's Gift in Japan

In Japan, women buy the gift on St. Valentine's Day. 
They buy small chocolate boxes for men around them (even their bosses) and big cholocates for the guy they love. Men give back gifts on White Day, 14th March.

Morinaga, a Japanese cholocate company, thought that not only women but also men should buy chocolates on Feb 14th and changed their target group buy reversing the package in 2009. They aimed to double their sales:

This "special" package catches your eyes immediately. On blue ribbon it says "gyaku-choko (reverse chocolate) - this year you should buy chocolates!"

I should add that White Day on 14th of March is created by Japanese textile companies who were inspired by the Japanese tradition of showing gratitude by giving back a gift. There is no such White Day in any other country.

How many leaflets?

WWF Hungary has a nice and clever answer for the question "how many leaflets should we print?" for every campaign:

Japanese Marketing Technique playing with your nerves: Fits & Puddi

I don't know the reason but many Japanese companies have an irritating and annoying advertisement style.They use weird melodies and sounds to become catchy.

The thing is, it is catchy...

Fits, one of the best selling gum companies, started a campaign with this ad. You download the music, record your own fits dance and upload it to Lotte channel on YouTube. Your video is broadcasted and you get the chance to join the lottery. If you have nerves strong enough, you can visit the channel and watch all fits dances:

By the way, they decided to put an user manual for gum, such a nice thinking:

Another example is giant pudding Puddi, I hereby present you the puddings eating their own heads: