How to increase awareness for global issues: Donation bottles

Mainichi Newspaper in Japan wanted to do more than just reporting world issues. They wanted to take action to solve them.

The newspaper came with the brilliant idea of "donation bottles". Water bottle packages are designed as Mainichi newspaper articles that report world issues. Each bottle has a newspaper article on a different global issue.

The income from these bottles are used to support people affected by the issue.

They worked with the agency Dentsu Japan for this campaign.

My Way of Celebrating 2013

"My way of celebrating 2013: Search on" by Google Mobile Search.
Japanese mobile market is very competitive and Yahoo! had an advantage in Japanese mobile search market thanks to its collaboration with mobile operators. But now, Google is changing the game.

Virtual Singer - Real Fans: Hatsune Miku! (初音ミク)

In March 2010, there was the news that 10.000 tickets of Hatsune Miku concert were sold out. Interesting part was not the tickets being sold out but the concert itself; Hatsune Miku was not a "real person" at all. As expected, Japanese fans of Hatsune Miku filled the concert hall and singed the songs together with their pop idol.
Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) is a vocaloid (vocal + android) developed by Crypton Future Media and her voice is sampled by the Japanese vocal Saki Fujita. It is basically a music software and all you have to do is to give her the music & lyrics and she will sing for you. But beyond being a music software, Hatsune Miku managed to become a pop idol and the sound of future. (Hatsune means first sound and Miku means future in Japanese.)

Some might think that Japanese people are different in terms of "being fan of something" but behind Hatsune Miku is a great marketing strategy to be stressed. Crypton cooperated with different companies & media…

10 years with Toshiba LED

An emotional and impressive way of explaining long lifetime of LED bulbs.
Outdoor version of this campaign won Cannes Lions Gold Award in 2011.

P.S: 日 (nichi) means "day" in Japanese.